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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life According to Pre-K Summer School

AJ just started Pre-K Summer School this week, and he loves it! The first day I asked him what his favorite thing was and he said "Getting the smellies!" Come to find out, getting the smellies is actually a good thing. His teacher has these little chapstick-looking things with different scents, and the kids get a "smelly" rubbed on their arm for good behavior. AJ said he got 3 the first day!

Today he climbed in the car and said "Mom, I had a horrible day today. I even had to go to the office." I was shocked! Immediately thinking the worst (like any good mom does) I said "Honey, what did you do? What happened??" He said he got punched in the nose during lunch, and had to go to the office to get an ice pack on his nose. He said he wasn't even finished eating his lunch yet, but that he took his cookie with him to the office. I asked who did it, and of course he didn't know, but said "You know, that one little kid in the grey shirt." After he assured me that he did nothing to deserve this random, unprovoked punch in the nose, he was very emphatic that if the kid in the grey shirt gets one more strike, he will be kicked out of summer school forever, and never allowed to go back in his entire life. AND he will not get any smellies ever again.

So there you have it. Life according to Pre-K. Don't be the kid in the grey shirt. Don't punch people in the nose. Get your smellies. Alawys take your cookie with you.