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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley visited our house this week!  While this is exciting in and of itself, this was no ordinary Flat Stanley.  THIS Stanley has a milk allergy.  Just like Hunter.  Hunter has a milk allergy.  Just like Stanley.  It was magic, I tell you!  (This magic was the brain child of Jamie over at Milk Allergy Mom.  If you have a kiddo with a milk allergy, you simply MUST check out her blog!) Just look at that face! He was so excited!!  

Stanley had already visited three other families of kiddos with milk allergies, so we got to read a journal of what they did when Stanley was visiting them.  One child took Stanley to see the Sears Tower in Chicago.  Another one took Stanley to see Central Park.  

Hunter really wanted to take Stanley to school with him.  He wanted to share his new friend with his whole 1st grade class.  I warned his teacher that Stanley had come to visit, and let her have the journal.  Like the super-amazing teacher she is, Mrs. G took the idea & ran with it!  She read the Flat Stanley book to the class, and even took a class photo with Stanley.  Stanley helped Hunter do his Word Work on the iPad, and got to enjoy story time.  I think Stanley liked going to school! 

Hunter also wanted to take Stanley to Bass Pro. Seeing as how the locally owned store is the "Grandaddy of all Outdoor Stores" and ours is the largest Bass Pro (at nearly 500,000 square feet) it seemed like a great choice!  Hunter likes to go hang out there and just wander around & look at all the animals.  It is more like going to a giant hunting and fishing museum than a typical sporting goods store.  Hunter and Stanley had all kinds of amazing adventures that afternoon.  They even got to take pictures with the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty!  Hunter said his favorites were trying out the tents, driving the boat, and taking a picture with the stinky skunk. 


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Relyn Lawson said...

I miss you, friend. I do.