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Monday, June 2, 2008

Wedding Day!

Saturday, May 31 my youngest cousin got married.
Bride and Groom during the ceremony...
My oldest son was the ringbearer... Isn't he adorable??? Here is my family - I loved seeing all my boys in tuxes!

Here are "the girls" in my family, in front (obviously the bride) is my cousin. Then left to right is my sister, my mom, my aunt (the mother of the bride), me, and my Gramma. We were all asked to wear champagne, and the groom's family was asked to wear blue.

Here's to the happy couple!


Tara said...

You guys all look so-- pretty! The boyz are adorable in their tuxes!!! A baby in a tux is irresistible!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What great pictures! Your family picture is beautiful and what a treasure to have all the girls together ~ what Treasures! What a happy day it appears to have been!
Blessings, Katie