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Friday, July 11, 2008

8 questions....

Katie aka Ragamuffin Gal has asked me to answer the following questions 8 times:

8 things i say a lot:

1. Quit (hitting/pinching/biting/throwing things at/etc.) your brother!

2. Just a second

3. I love you!

4. shhhhh Baby Hunter is asleep.

5. Helllllllooooooooo! Bye-Bye!

(Baby Hunter likes to play telephone.)

6. Sweet tea, no lemon.

7. Hi, Baby.

8. Don't slam the ... **SLAM** ... door.

8 books i have read lately:

1. Self Talk Soul Talk ~ Jennifer Rothschild (small group study)

2. Hood ~ Stephen Lawhead

3. Thorn in My Heart ~ Liz Curtis Higgs

4. Fair is the Rose ~ Liz Curtis Higgs

5. Whence Came a Prince ~ Liz Curtis Higgs

6. Afton of Margate Castle ~ Angela Elwell Hunt

7. The Trubadour's Quest ~ Angela Elwell Hunt

8. Ingram of the Irish ~ Angela Elwell Hunt

8 movies i have seen at least 8 times:

1. Gone with the Wind

2. A Knight's Tale

3. First Knight

4. A Walk in the Clouds

5. Mr Holland's Opus

6. Ever After

7. Anything Veggie Tales

8. Anything Disney

8 things I am working On

1. My Daily Quiet time

2. My prayer life

3. Catching up on my Scrapbooks

4. new Art pieces

5. Cooking at home more

6. Being more patient

7. Being less critical

8. saying No to things that take time away from my family.

I would love to hear your answers to these questions, too!

Answer them on your blog, then leave me a comment & I will check it out.

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