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Monday, July 14, 2008

Arrrggghhh Matey!

Aye! It be a pirate-themed party we had for AJ's birthday. Swashbuckling scallywags (and one princess) filled the yard on a hot Saturday afternoon. DH & I made a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes from an idea I found at Mr. McGroovy's. It was a hit! The kids loved playing in it and having sword fights with the balloon swords we made.

These are the Pirate cupcakes I made for the party. AJ said he wanted cupcakes with pirate faces on them. I thought they turned out really cute!!!

I cut X's out of red card stock and the kids played "Pin the X on the Treasure Map" They wore a pirate bandanna over their eyes while pinning it on the map. Every kid got an eye patch for playing the game.

I planned for the kids to make little treasure chests & they could take their treasures home in those instead of loot bags. Unfortunately, I did not do enough research into that little project. Instead of the sticker-type foam project I THOUGHT it was, you had to glue it all together. Needless to say, it did not go over so well with our 4 and 5 year old pirates. Several of the moms tried to put them together for the kids, and even the parents were having some challenges! (You can tell it made Pirate-Mommy-Debbie say AAARRRGGGHH!) SO we scrapped the treasure chest idea. A few of them got finished, but we sent the loot from the treasure hunt home in bags instead. The treasure hunt was held in the sandbox, of course. DH had buried necklaces, jewels, seashells, and gold coins for the kids to find. I think the treasure hunt was everybody's favorite activity! All in all I think the party was a hit. I know AJ had a lot of fun playing with his friends, and that was pretty much the whole point of the party. No presents, just friends (16 of them, actually!),a little food and a whole lot of fun!


Laura said...

What a wonderfully creative mom you are! Love your pirate cookies and ship!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

The pirate themed party looks like so much fun! I am sure your children will have many happy memories from growing up in your home! Thanks for answering the questions. I would like to see a new LB catalog, maybe you could drop one by the Thomas for me and I could sit it out in the break room? Think about it, our LB teacher moved to Strafford a few years ago and we haven't had one since. Have a Fabulous weekend! Love, Katie