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Friday, October 24, 2014

LunchBox Love

So, my boys have been requesting notes in their lunch boxes.  WHAT?!?! requesting??? Yes.  The same sons who told me last year that it was embarrassing have decided they want notes this year.   They want them badly enough they both wrote me a note asking for notes.  

See that?  They would ❤️❤️❤️ it, and now I am the Best Mom Ever, just for sending a note!  They said so!  Just for sending a little note. A reminder that I love them, am thinking about them, am praying for them. 
 So I've been making notes on post its, using cards from a 3x3 swap I was in, and making my own drawings on lunch bags for their snacks.  
This super cute little card was from that swap & made by my friend Suzy.  It went in AJ's lunch today. 

Here are some of the drawings I have done on their lunch snacks. 
I saw a blog post where one mom was writing little "did you know?" Notes in her kids' lunch boxes, and liked that idea.  I made a couple of those as well. 
I think they are going to like them.  Now, to get some hot tea & cruise pinterest for a while & try to find more fun things for the World's Best Mom to do!  

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