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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Olaf Party Games, with the help of my Cricut

Hunter has decided that he wants an Olaf birthday party this year.   OLAF.

Be sure, this is NOT a Frozen party.  He is adamant that there will be NO Anna, and NO Elsa, and NO Let It Go.   ONLY OLAF.  And snow.  He really wants snow, because after all, you have to have snow if you want to build a snowman!

We are going to take this idea from Growing A Jeweled Rose and Olaf-ize it.  Instead of the generic snowman face she used, I cut out an Olaf face using the Print Then Cut feature on my cricut.   If you have a Cricut, and don't know how to use this feature, LEARN IT.   Crafts by Two has a great playlist of tutorial videos here.  This video shows how the Cricut cuts out an image that I printed from the computer.

These are the faces after they are cut, still sitting on my Cricut mat.
Can I just tell you how awesome it is to be able to do that on my Cricut with any image I want, and not have to fussy-cut all those little faces by hand?!?!

I just glued the cut out faces onto plain white foam cups. For the top Olaf, I cut a pipecleaner in three pieces & stuck them in the top of the cup.  We will stack them up, and let the boys knock 'em down!  Just like the carnival game with the milk bottles & a baseball.  Only we won't be using a baseball.   A rolled up sock makes a great plush snowball to throw at the Olaf stack.  Or you could arrange them all on the floor and let the kids roll the snowball for some Olaf Bowling.   We may do both if we need a little time-filler.

I  cut out more Olaf faces for these Snow Shooters, also from Growing A Jeweled Rose.  Those are going to be going home with the kiddos in their goodie bags, which will also feature these same Olaf faces!  

I have lots of other fun things planned, but I will wait to post until after the party, when we have photos of the games actually being played!

Have I mentioned how much I love planning birthday parties??   If I honestly thought I could quit my job and just plan parties for people all the time, I would do it in a heartbeat.  A heartbeat, I tell you.

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